Now I have gone and done it!

Alright it is official, I have submitted my first article for consideration in the NY Times! YIKES! They probably won’t pick it anyway, but as they say at the Oscars “It’s an honor just being nominated.” In this case, it is enough for them to even consider my article. Nobody I grew up with would have ever pegged me for a writer – EGADS!

I finished the editing process this afternoon — I had written the piece 3 weeks ago. And after getting some “editing” help. I nipped and tucked it into its final form. And then I read it, and read it again, and just to be sure…I read it 1 more time. Cause all of you know “SPELLIN’ AND GRAMMAR AIN’T MY THANG!” But I thought for the NY Times, I should try to do my very best. I am actually scared to go back and read it again, for fear (now that I have submitted it) I made a silly error….Anyway, I sat at my computer with my finger floating over the “enter” key which would send it soar through cyberspace. Should I do this? Why do I want to do this? Screw it! I am doing this…and

Well, I will not hear for a few weeks; I find solace in that somehow! And then if it doesn’t make the paper…atleast I have a future blog written!

I have got my fingers and toes crossed!

Enjoy today!



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5 responses to “Now I have gone and done it!

  1. bernice

    You’re the BEST…..We love you and you deserve everythg good that life has to offer……..

  2. Mona

    Good luck Carol!! I’m so proud of you for doing this.

  3. Andrea Wilder

    How exciting. I think you have found your perfect career.

    Good luck, and lots of love.


  4. Sondra Grossman

    we think you are terrrrrrific! Again,let me know if it goes in and we will read it. you are braver than I am as i have lots of political opinions that i have wanted too send in but haven’t as yet. aunt Sandy

  5. Thank you for sharing your fears with us-as it makes me feel good to know I’m not the only one! I think this is so exciting-you must let us know if it gets in! Congrats on writing and submitting!

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