No Words! Israel Day 7.

A day filled with Heartache, Gratitude and Thankful after our 3 activities today!

First was:


YAD VASHEM! I believe that is enough said..

Next we brought gifts to the Soldiers. eWe told them how grateful we were for their efforts keeping us all secure and safe. They were 18 and 19…looking at them I realize they are not that much older than my children…A little surreal!


Last was a visit to a home for Disadvantage children. Here though we saw happiness. These children have been saved from terrible home lives, and brought to this wonderful facility where they are cared for and loved….


All in all a special day of emotions…

Enjoy today



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  1. Bernice grossman

    I feel your emotion here. I am sure it’s a trip you will never forget. Being among others far away from home ,in a world so different than yours teaches you so much. Hope you are able to bring ideas from this new adventure back to share with others. So very proud of you. Enjoy the last days in Israel….xoxoxo mom

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