Sunday Sitdown!



We are a family of 4, and our schedules do not intersect so often.  Well not at all during the year – my twins are away at college.  Luckily, for Scott and I, He and She ended up at the same university…so move-in, move-out, and vacations are aligned.  But during the summer – it is amazing how difficult it is to find time to be together.  So I insist on Sunday Dinner!

It is not, always, what I hope it to be.  The 1st time it was a struggle to get the phones either turned off or at least put-away.  It was difficult to get the conversation started because they feel unsettled being disconnected.  TOO BAD!!!! But once the conversation gets start3ed, it flows well.  We talk about school and next year, we talk about local events, and we talk about family.  My husband and I try to get some “life lesson” into the conversation, but it is often met with eyes a-rollin’ or “gasps of “I know Ma!” (Yes I am often the focus of annoyed-ness)!

In the upcoming weeks, we have much to talk to the kids about, not good nor bad just important and discussion worthy.  And we don’t want to throw it all out on the table at once.  For somethings will get lost in the pile.  So creating the weekly narrative is important.   I never realized how important that is in personal dealings.  I get the importance in business – but now I see the personal side as well.

I have a job interview this week.  It is for a position I am truly excited about, a position I believe I am well suited for, and a position in which I have already put tremendous thought into the best ways to become a beneficial, positive and valuable asset.  That research has to lead me to read and listen to innovators of today!  Individuals who are leading the way to create a better future — while they may concentrate on the business model, I am trying to adapt it to a personal model as well!

My first goal at home is to try to be an inspirational Mom – not just an informational one.  In other words, Don’t just tell them what to do, teach them how to do it well and why that is important.  Today it is about cleaning your room, studying (they are both taking a summer class at WCC.  (Different classes, not the same one), going to the gym (or any physical activity, because they need to get rid of the SPILKAHS!  That is the condition that causes them to be antsy, annoying and distracted 🤣 . But I need to do the same.  So I clean;  so the kids feel happy at home.  And I go to the gym (which I hate to do), because I am trying to become the best version of myself.  And I study (often, but presently for this particular position) because I believe when you speak without being informed I am not showing the best version of myself.  I understand the other side of wellness – so it is a something I may overemphasize to my kids (or so they tell me).  I don’t believe my kids fully understand the connection between  Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! (and wealthy doesn’t mean monetarily).  Health and Wellness can, in turn, bring Happiness and Fulfillment.

As a 2x cancer survivor I believe I have a unique perspective on the why’s of what I do and why I want to do it.  I do not always complete these tasks successfully, but I don’t give up trying.  I am lucky that in my life and in my family I am surrounded by some pretty extraordinary examples of inspirational people – in business, in spouses and children,  in motherhood, in parenting, in brotherly friendship, in best friends – both old and new – and in influencers along the way.  Each one has helped me to make my mark and helped me promote what is important to me every day!  Family, friends, and community!

This is my Why!  This is Who I am! And, last but never least, this is what I Want to say – first to my children, and to others who care to listen!  We, as parents, are here to lead, we are here to follow, we are here because we love you, and we are here because we believe in you and all that you have to offer!  We here to annoy you, school you and, sometimes, discipline you.  But MOSTLY, we are here to help you become the best you, you can become!!!! We want to let you be you, but first be you as part of us at Sunday Dinner.


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4 responses to “Sunday Sitdown!

  1. Barbara McCabe

    In spite of the eyes a-rollin and the “I know Ma” your children will forever take wonderful memories of those Sunday dinners. They will probably look forward to them (although they may not admit it you). When they have their own children you can be sure that they will regale them with stories of those wonderful Sundays while their children roll their own eyes!
    P.S. Good luck with the interview.

  2. amy somers

    know that you inspire me . thanks for the insight.

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