It Can Rain On Sunny Days! Israel Day 1

aToday was a day filled with unimaginable beauty, history, delicacies, bonding and Sorrow. But in the end 200 MOm’s stood arm in arm singing and feeling for the three Mom’s who today learned the worst news. But we stood together, and acknowledged that together we stand and hopefully together we can affect change. Change as Lori Palatnik said will raise us up and make us better…and don’t we all want that!

Today began (well that is taking poetic license) with a trip to the Mediterreanean Sea, were we got the chance to “put our toes in the water!” The setting amidst ancient ruins of aqueducts, teased us with blue waters and white sand beaches. After this “baptism” if you will…we reboarded our bus and headed to Zichron Jaacov. A truly quaint little “artsy town, and restaurants to brilliantly introduce our stomach to the Israeli cuisine… Nili’s was a sweet little lunch spot where we sat en mass, enjoyed, laughed and bonded. Ten hours on a plan and 4 on a bus certainly brings people together!

Then we were off to the hotel in Tiberias. A beautiful little town edged on the Galilee…and faced with the Golan Heights. Here we met up with all of the other cities, and the leaders for an opening night presentation and then To DECKS for Dinner. Our Leader and Founder of JWRP, Lori Palatnik dazzled us with her welcome speech…She spoke of the need for women to “raise the bar”! To be better, happier — And she meant it….She was dynamic and funny…and I for one was truly drawn in by what she had to say.

DECKS was an incredible setting a large outside restaurant on the Galilee…we ate and enjoyed and hoped to dance and celebrate…As dinner drew to an end phones began to beep…CNN had just reported that the bodies of the 3 boys who disappeared a month had been found. Unfortunately they were not found alive…Tears swept through the restaurants. Israel is a small country, and frankly these three children belonged to everyone. As a group we joined together – arm in arm and began to sing songs – and pray for the boys souls and Our deep sorrow for their families….

It was a moving tribute – and one so obviously heartfelt. It really illustrated that this tour, this group, these leaders are really really making an effort (1 women’s or men’s group at a time) to make this world a better place. And I for one am all for that!!

Enjoy the day.

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