The Whole Approach!

We live in interesting times.  People are divided on a lot of issues.  People are divided on who or what to believe in;  and about what our immediate future will bring.  Good people seem to be Not so good, and some not so good people seem to be doing some things that are working out to be somewhat good (for the moment)!  It is no longer “Orange is the New Black,”  it is now “Uncertainty is the New Normal.”  And this can make us feel like there may be some Dark times ahead.  So I am here to flip the switch on all of that!  Shed some light on things we can do!  Weigh all of our options.

Every day I turn on the news – and every day, someone I believed was an “admirable role model” is then bathed in the dirt of subcutaneous “dickery”.  Take Matt Lauer (I admired his on-camera persona), Take Kevin Spacey (I admired his talent), Take Eric Schneiderman (I admired his message).  Yet they have all shown me that I didn’t see the whole picture.  Yes, some have said you can still admire those things in them – but can you?  Being admirable should be a whole body experience – not just a segmented thing.  Can you be admirable one day and abominable the next!  I mean even Jekyll and Hyde the musical couldn’t sustain that dichotomy! Is this the true struggle between ego and superego?  Are we the sum of our parts?

Unfortunately, I don’t think Mr. Schneiderman is the last abuser of power that we will hear about; but his staunch advocacy for the #MeToo movement makes his betrayal that much more visceral.  We all seem to be waiting for another shoe to drop.  That is where we are all living today.  We can not predict what our leaders will do next, we can not predict what the next political fallout will be, we can not predict what the markets will react to, we can not predict who will be the next to fall from grace, and we can’t predict how this is affecting us personally.  Things seem to be upside-down, topsy-turvy or just totally out of whack.

So what can we do!  Well not to oversimplify, but we can look to for the lightness, the joy, the simple pleasures in all other areas of our day to day life.  We can look to the light; because I wholeheartedly believe this ‘out of our purview’ life will ‘right’ itself soon enough.

Me, I am looking forward to the summer.  My kids are home from college, and we are a whole family for a while!  Whole is good.  Whole is complete and Whole has stability. Whole is tasty (whole grains, whole wheat, whole milk),  Whole is fiscally better (Whole Life Insurance) and Whole is inclusive (the Whole Magilla, The Whole World, and The Whole Truth). Whole is also how you feel when you can experience and process a full range of emotions.  Take them in, learn from them and then smile bright – you’ve got the Whole ‘whatever you want’ in your hands!

I get it, it seems like a holistic approach.  Maybe it is and maybe it’s not-and maybe there are some holes in my philosophy!  Part of me is scared of the future, and part of me is ready for a change.  And that is ok because some genius once said that “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” So being whole will help Make Everything Great Again!  The Whole is MEGA not maga!


Carol @Funnycancermom


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