“IV” Treatment – Rockin’ The Roman Numeral Humor

Happy Cinco de Mayo, 2011

Well I think the Partridge Family sang it best…”Woke up this mornin feeling fine” .  Which is exciting considering I was expecting to be “less so”.    Anyway the treatment itself was not to bad or to long.  About 2 hrs from beginning to end.  The strangest sensation was when I was getting the Cyclophisphamide.  I felt like my nose, eyebrows and sinuses had fallen asleep and then started getting the pins and needles feeling.  It didn’t hurt, but boy was it strange.  Nothing like when some would inhale a white powdery substance in College — or so I am told!  But the sensation went away about 10 minutes after they were done administering the drug.  After that it was really quick, and off I went.  I felt a little odd the rest of the day, but I am no sure that wasn’t just a total let down from the adrenaline and fear that had been racing through my veins for the few days prior.  I will say I honestly didn’t sleep all night though — In college I used no-doze to stay awake when studying…who know that steroids were better.  The only good thing for me know is that I could have cleaned the kitchen all night (not to be confused with Eliza Doolittle’s I could hhave Danced ALl Night–her Dress & Tiara were much prettier than my pajama’s)

This morning I got up, got my kids ready for school, I went for a walk with my friends, did a little yoga (which is a new trend for me).got to do some really exciting new things…Well okay this part is a lie, I did the laundry, went food shopping, and straightened up a little (I mean a very little).  I somehow thought that with my illness came a little down time…Oh, if it were only that simple…The glamorous life of a stay at home mom just never ends…

While doing all of this exciting work, I got a phone call from my HMO.  When I picked up the phone I was ready from a fight, an argument about something but no, it was a nurse practitioner calling to check in and see how my treatments were going. I almost feel off my seat.  I was shocked how they knew I already started treatment.  Since it usually takes two to three months to get a check from them if I put in a claim.

I am told that the steroids they gave me yesterday are keeping my feeling stimulated…I am told they will only last for a few days, and then it is like a big let down.  This must be what Jose Conseco sees in them —  Actually I guess if I ever want to be a professional athlete I have to come clean….Yes, I have used steroids.  There I said it!

I hope tomorrow will be more of the same, but if not — only more fodder and fun for the blog…

Talk to you soon, and feel free to ask questions!  It is pretty obvious I think — I am an open book!



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4 responses to ““IV” Treatment – Rockin’ The Roman Numeral Humor

  1. Tanya Hunt

    Glad to hear it’s “so far, so good!” Keep on keeping on.:-)

  2. maxine

    Hi darling Carol:
    Read your blog after your first treatment-and keeping a journal is a great idea. It has your humour–HMO caring!!funny. Glad you are feeling like you, and not bad. Stay well, and look after your self. Lik the joke goes”Whats on the TV dear?” ”Dust, darling–but who’s looking!”

  3. Cristina Garel

    I know all about those steroids with treatment. I feel like a bull and can see the addiction!!!! Who needs those energy drinks when steroids are a better option…lol I have been recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and am going through treatments and must say the steroids are a big plus. Keep the positiveness and humor — that’s what’s keeping me going and keeping my family/friends at ease. It is the only way — laughter is the best medicine. All the best to you and sending positive energy. That’s what everyone writes in their cards to me and thought “What a great line!” and will use it myself. Looking forward to future readings.
    Love and light,
    Cristina G.

    • Cristine:

      Thank you for your response and welcome to my blog. How far along are you in your treatments. The steroids do have positive attributes. But you are correct — laughter and light heartedness have been my saving grace….

      If you get the chance go back and read some of my other posts — they can catch you up and make you smile (there are 32 posts in all so far).

      Again, thanks fro reading along and keep laughing…

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