1 down and 7 to go!

Well I am happy to say that I made it through my first treatment.  I took it like a chump…Oh! I mean champ!  It was weird to site in a room with others all hooked up to some IV machinery.  Strange because you know they are all going through similar feelings and similar reactions, but most seem stoic and non-communicative.  I walked in asking where the bar was and what time cocktails are served.  Everyone was deadpan  (not to be punny)….Well the nurses thought it was funny atleast.  I tried to rally the troops but they were not interested.  Maybe my next crown will be better.  I guess I have to learn my Audience.

I do understand being fearful of what is going on, but I can’t act afraid…that is like giving in. Luckily when I was sick in my 20’s I realize I was to young and stupid to fear the worst. So I made it through with relatively unscathed.  (physically that is – emotionally, well many have tried to figure that tangled web out, but alas no one has yet to succeed). I will fight it all the urge to become morbid— as long as possible.  Though I admit spending some of my time at treatment today on my Ipad watching Celebrity Apprentice,  Watching NeNe and Latoya has a slight morbidity to it as well….But it is like watching a train wreck, I can’t avert my eyes….

They say that the nausea and fatigue may start this evening.  I hope not, but I will combat it with compozine.  I hope this is how it will be throughout, cause I can deal with this.  Though I am pretty sure that I will have to act sicker when my husband is around.  You know just to get him to do more stuff — and of course Mother’s Day is Sunday, not feeling well can usually increase the value of the gift.  No No, don’t think me cold and calculating, I am just helping him be a better gift giver.  And that is the job of a wife – to help the husband be the best he can be!

Oh kids are home, gotta to go for a while…

TTYL (IINTU _ if I ‘m not throwing up).


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  1. Kathy Russell

    “Where’s the bar and what time are cocktails served”? Aw, sweetie, you’d have had me laughing and crying at the same time. I’d want to always have my cocktails with you! But, since we’re on different cocktails for a little while, know that I’ll be drinking to your health and keeping you close to my heart. You’re the best and you’ve got all the right stuff to get through this. Big hugs and kisses (but never if I think I might have cooties). xoxo

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