Stop writing and talk to me

Well I have been talking and talking…scratch that, I have been writing and writing to you for almost a year now.  Wow!  My posts have been read over 11,000 times…and that is pretty cool, as well.  But I thought it was time to put a voice to these words and let you know what I am up to…Luckily enough two unbelievably talented photographer/videographers were interested in my story – so they have created this to help me launch my new Charitable foundation (My Mission and vision is below).  Thank you all for being here with me!!!  You inspire me!

This video doesn’t exist

Blog Mission and Vision

Enjoy today!




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13 responses to “Stop writing and talk to me

  1. Howie simmons

    Just great funny cancer mom awesome I’m gonna get your number and call u

  2. Jessica

    Waouh Carol. This is a great video. Very moving and so honest!
    I’m really proud of what you’re doing.
    Love and kisses

  3. Denise

    Wonderful and awesome. More strength to you every day and all people who face cancer.

  4. 5th time watching–has not gotten old yet–you are such an incredible inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxxooxox

  5. Kathy Russell

    aw, my beautiful,strong, funny friend. You inspire so many! xoxo

  6. amy somers

    Ceeg- Brilliant!!!! perfect richt to the point. But who is cute guy in video with you. Where do I sign up to support “Cancer made me do it.”?

    • Amy:

      Thank you upcoming Birthday Girl, for your kind words. The cute guy is actually the photographer that shot it. It was him or his co-videographer to “play the role of the friend” I chose him… (cause his videographer is drop dead gorgeous (she was a model) and that was too much pressure 🙂

      The cancer made me do it website will not be up for a month or two…but our checking account is always open…:) I have to say that this has become my lives work, and I don’t know if your read the vision statement I attached to the blog or not, but

      but here it is…


      The Cancer Made Me Do It, INC (TCMMDI) is a not-for-profit fund raising organization created by Carol Abramson. The ultimate goal of TCMMDI is the eradication of cancer. The incredible outpouring of help and support Carol received during her cancer treatment sparked her idea to create this foundation. Family, friends and community members offered support beyond measure. Carol realized that the swaddling of care from those around her transformed her treatment experience from misery to miraculous.

      Recognizing that many may not have this kind of support system has given her the impetus to start this foundation.


      Our plan is to fund innovative programs that offer to people, going through treatment, the same type of support Carol received from her community. This funding will focus its efforts on alleviating the myriad of day-to-day struggles that contribute to the suffering and devastation cancer can cause an individual and his/her family.


      Our first fundraising event will be a golf/tennis outing right here in our own community. We hope to build this event to one that is a yearly highlight for the area. Our inaugural event will be held on August 6, 2012.


      The truth is – Cancer is an epidemic. It is almost more unusual NOT to know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. So as we work on finding the pieces to solve the puzzle, we can also work on making our family, friends and neighbors’ illness less traumatic and disruptive.

      I hope to grow this organization nationally…Maybe one day I can count on you to start an LA chapter….

      I look forward to speaking to you on the 12th….

      Love always,


  7. Andrea Wilder

    You are amazing. The video is perfect. It is ‘you’ in the best possible way. Yes, cancer has changed your life, and now you are changing the lives of others. Everyone before me has said it, but I need to say it also. You inspire me.

    • Thanks…I hope you got my response the other day to your email…You know you and or len can certainly talk to my mother also…since her treatment was just a year ago… Did you call your Dr. in NY?

  8. Lynne Wilson

    Carol…you truly are remarkable…strong, funny, smart etc….the video is just the beginning…we know your foundation will “rock”!!!
    Love and xxxxx,
    Lynne and Ira

  9. Lynne Wilson

    Carol…you are truly remarkable…strong, funny, determined…we know your foundation will “ROCK”!!!!!
    Love and xxxxx,
    Lynne and Ira

    • Lynne:

      Having you and Ira in my corner, I can’t help but succeed…You are awesome. March 19th will be our 1st “Event Meeting”…any advice you can give me would be great…You have been a part of Golf and Tennis events before…

      Love you

  10. Lisa Frost

    I am right there with you! Couldn’t agree more 🙂

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