We have had record temperatures for the las few days, and it got me to think about the heat.

We have heard about heat indexes and actual heat versus “feels Like” heat, heat stroke, heat related illnesses, record heat, and scorching heat…

Heat is funny because when you have it (or rather to much of it) it you want it less, and when you don’t have it you want it more.

During the winter you seek the heat while simultaneously wishing summer would arrive quick.

During a summer heat wave you wish the heat would break, while simultaneously wishing for the cooler temps of a beautiful fall day.

If you are a Pitcher all you want to do is bring the heat, and strike the batter out.

And if you are a Miami resident the Heat can be a blessing and a curse – depending on whether you are talking climate or sports.

If you are a criminal you have to avoid the Heat;

And if you want to stand up for a mistake that you may have made you have to take the heat!

If you in back, neck, or knee pain you seek a pad of heat,

and to bring life back to a frozen Lasagna you need to re-Heat.

People who live in Arizona don’t mind it because they say it is “dry-heat”

But my treatments haven’t been so nice lately, and I feel like I am running a dead heat to beat the side affects, and not always winning. The fevers and chill this week weren’t the greatest, but just like all good things – even a heat wave, it comes to an end, and this morning I woke up felling like myself again!

So like most of us I am staying inside — I am just trying to beat the heat.

And may cooler heads prevail.

Stay cool and enjoy




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6 responses to “HEAT

  1. andrea Wilder

    I love your blog, and you. I thought of you and your family the other day, when I put on my seersucker shorts. I can still picture you showing me a seersucker suit, and making some funny comment. Your father would be sitting at the next table, looking so suave, with a look on his face that gave no clue to what he was thinking, except for the twinkly in his eye.

    Way to hot, stay inside. When do the kids come home?

  2. this one is one I envy, and will keep on my roster. Damn clever. you
    are right…only 93 down here….or we’re used to it. Peter doesn’t feel things….playing golf today although it is said, it doesn’t rain or is hot on the golf course. is that true?Anyhow, good morning. you are a miracle….will speak to the tree later that doesn’t fall far from the apple….that’s you. Love you, honey……ri

  3. bernice

    Wonderfullll…Oh so clever…Witten in the heat of the day………

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