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Cancer sucks! Getting it twice sucks worse. But it doesn’t have to! It has happened, and I have to deal with it…but if I can make it easier for you (and have a little fun also) then what is the harm.

I have 11 year old twins, who pretty much already think I am crazy, so trying to make cancer “funny”, really sends them. And my husband, who now has that permanent “deer-in-headlights” look can’t believe I am trying to make him laugh. But it makes this all so much easier for me.

Come on and read along as I go through day to day life, treatments, and experiences. If you have friends or family going through it tell them to read and rite along!

6 responses to “I Blog! My Home Page

  1. Winnie

    My Dear,
    You Rock!

  2. andrea wilder

    You are such a special person. I forgot about your sense of humor. I am honored to be part of your life.

  3. andrea wilder

    I had forgot how you can make me laugh. I am so glad to be part of your life again.


  4. beernice

    What can I say but you are unbelievalble. How proud dad and I are of you…Can I take credit for you becoming the marvelous human being you’ve become…No mom or dad could ask for anything better. We love you. We’re having a great time reading your blogs. keep up the good work,,,,

  5. cherylj

    Ok, Carol, I’m strapping in with you, keeping my hands in the car at all times…..go!!!

  6. love this. way to go and give others a voice.

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