Little things — Big Meanings

I can’t even describe my excitement.  I leave in less than 38 hours….Frankly, I haven’t been able to spend much time savoring my impending departure because my children leave for camp in the morning.  So I have been busy getting them ready!  But after they leave tomorrow I will begin the countdown.

As I began to pack I came across my little bag of wishes — Notes people have given me touring to the Wall, and find a home for them so that they can permeate into the essence, mysticism and the magic that everyone says they feel after partaking in this ritual.  Even I sat down and wrote some notes….I wrote notes about (and to) my husband and kids,  I wrote to my dad, I wrote about my brothers, and brothers-in-law, sister-in-laws, relatives, friends, MY MOM, I even wrote to my mother-in-law.  But Mostly I wrote to the Man Upstairs himself….I wrote wishes and asked questions, and generally asked for a better world for our children and their children….

I even asked HIM to watch out for my husband while I am gone.  He is Mr. Independent and thrilled I am on this journey but, I think deep down…he will miss me…and wish the house wasn’t so quiet!!!  I know it isn’t for that long!  So all my friends who feel like checking in on him…Be my guest.  🙂  

Everyone, and I mean everyone, tells me this will be an experience that I will never forget…and one that I will want to repeat over and over….I am ready for that..

To the women who are coming on this journey with me….Hold on!  I am expecting the ride of a lifetime….

See you Sunday!



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